Terrible Tooth Pain? Home & OTC Remedies To Use Until You Can See A Dentist

Posted on: 18 February 2015


Tooth-aches can be one of the most painful issues you ever have to deal with. While sometimes you can be lucky enough to find an emergency dentist available, occasionally they may be all booked up or you have to wait a few days to come up with the money to get checked out. If you need some home or over the counter remedies to alleviate your tooth pain while you wait, here are some home remedies that may help.

*NOTE* These aren't cures and should not replace seeing a dentist as soon as possible.

Cough Drops

Cough drops have uses other than relieving your constant hacking when you're sick. They can also help alleviate pain in your mouth. When you buy the cough drops, ensure that they include the ingredients menthol and benzocaine. Both are mild anesthetics that will soften the ache.

Interdental Brush

Before running to the dentist, make sure you don't have food trapped in your gums. This can happen and cause serious pain. Interdental brushes are thin toothbrushes with an end that looks like a pipe cleaner. They can reach the small spaces between your teeth. If you don't have one, try flossing first and rinse with mouth wash. You may flush out some chunks of food and feel better. If you seem to have a problem with getting food stuck in your teeth often, you should still see a dentist to make sure there isn't a problem with your teeth or gums.

Cold Compress

You don't want to put ice in your mouth to try and relieve the pain. Your tooth is overly sensitive during a tooth-ache and it will only enhance the pain. However, putting a cold compress against your jaw can help. It will reduce any inflammation around the tooth and ease the pain that is radiating through your face.

Numbing Gel

Like the cough drops, numbing gel contains benzocaine, a mild anesthetic. It may work a little better because the gel is thick and will stay on the area longer. Just put a little on your fingertip and rub it all around your tooth. The numbing will take effect immediately and last for several hours.

Clove Oil

Most drug stores carry clove oil, so it's not difficult to find. Clove oil is antiviral, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal. Eugenol is naturally found in clove oil, which has been used in the dental field for decades. Putting a couple drops of clove oil on your painful tooth will help ease the ache. You can even continue to use it in the future. Brushing with clove oil helps fight cavities. You can add a couple drops to your toothpaste, or do it after your brush.

Black Tea

Black tea contains an astringent called tannic acid. Tannic acid promotes healing and helps relieve pain. Soak a black tea bag in lukewarm water. Once it is thoroughly soaked, place the tea bag between your aching tooth and your cheek. After a few minutes, the pain will begin to subside.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

Another great way to help tooth pain is with vinegar and baking soda. If you don't have both, using one of the two will work almost as well. Pour vinegar in a shot glass and add a couple teaspoons of baking soda. Once it's diluted, dip in a cotton ball and place it on your tooth. It's not the most tasty remedy, but you will feel much better afterward. If you can't find anything to soak it in to place on your tooth, just swish it all around in your mouth for a couple minutes. After 2-3 minutes, spit out the mixture and your tooth should already feel much better.

Toothaches are your mouth telling you that you need to see a dentist. While these remedies should hold you over for a couple of days, don't wait too long. You don't want an infection growing in your mouth that can potentially need more work the longer that you wait.

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