A Guide to Keeping Track of Clear Braces in Middle School

Posted on: 12 August 2015


Getting any type of orthodontic treatment is a huge responsibility. For middle school children, extra responsibility is added when removable clear braces are chosen. During the school day, children will typically remove these braces to eat lunch, eat snacks, or give oral presentations to a class.

Staying organized is important and this is why children should go out of their way to keep track of the braces. Losing the clear braces can result in replacement costs and delays in tooth correction, but the process is easily preventable. The following five methods will allow middle school children to easily keep track of their braces while enjoying the benefits of using them.

Locker Caddy

If your child has a locker, then it is a great place to store the braces while attending lunch. Instead of just tossing the braces inside the locker, children can use a magnetic locker caddy to hold the braces. A caddy uses magnets and can be installed on the inside door of the locker. The braces can quickly be dropped inside after the child leaves class. This will make it easy to keep track of and prevent the braces from getting lost in the lunchroom.

Lunchbox Container

If a locker is not an option, then the child has the ability to keep the braces stored in their actual lunchbox while eating. A small lunchbox container can easily fit in a lunchbox and hold the clear braces as needed.

To help separate the container from typically lunch items, it's a good idea to purchase a container that is a different colors. To help prevent the container from falling out or getting lost, you can attach it to the inside of the lunchbox using glue or heavy duty tape.

Backpack Zipper Attachment

Many middle school children will always have their backpack with them during the day. Finding a way to hold the braces on the backpack will make easier for children to stay organized. A small backpack zipper attachment is the best way to keep the braces connected with the backpack.

A small case can be attached directly to a front zipper on the backpack, keeping it connected while avoiding the braces from just being tossed inside. Children also have the opportunity to select from different design elements like sports, cartoon characters, or animals.

Noise Indicator

If the clear braces do get lost, then your child should have a quick way to track them down again. Digital key finders can be utilized as an audible indicator for the braces location.

The sensor can be attached to the case for the braces. Different remotes or app downloads can connect to the sensors for easy access when the braces are lost. This is also great for use in the home. The noise indicator can easily track the braces down from any room in your house.

Case Upgrades

Traditional cases for clear braces are typically made with solid colors. This can make them easy to blend in and hard to find. Using a little creativity, children can add some extras to the case to help them stand out.

  • Stickers: Students can add some of their favorite stickers to the case design. This includes basic details or stickers with enhanced elements like holograms and glitter.
  • School Logos: Add school decals to the case to easily identify it. A good idea is to use a school mascot like a wildcat or bear.
  • Art Supplies: Additional art decorations for the case include paint, glitter glue, or permanent markers. Design ideas include names, favorite numbers, or personal drawings.

By planning ahead and teaching a little responsibility, your child has the opportunity to prevent losing the braces as much as possible. Choose one or more of these methods to help stay organized through the whole school year. For more options, go to websites by dentists.