Keep Your Teeth Healthy Over The Holidays

Posted on: 3 March 2017


There are just some times of the year that are naturally harder on your teeth. Some holidays are known for their sweet treats and there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to join in on all of the fun and excitement that comes with these holidays as long as you make sure to take some extra steps to prevent damages to your teeth and try to make the better choices.

Aim for the filing foods

You should have access to many types of foods during the holiday and while it's safe to say that you are going to be eating a lot of treats, there are still ways you can go about it that won't be quite as destructive to your teeth. One of the things you can do is to get used to looking for the more filling options. The more filling the foods are that you eat, the less piecing you will be doing on all of those other sweet snacks that can wreak havoc on your teeth. For example, eat that piece of pie you have been looking at, then leave all the cookies and fudge alone.

Carry a bottle of cold water around with you

If you always have a cold bottle of water with you then you are going to be more likely to constantly sip on it. This will help you to feel fuller throughout the day and this makes it a lot easier for you to say no to the foods that you know are very bad for your teeth.

Carry a small case of dental care products with you

You want to carry around a small case that has a travel toothbrush, a travel toothpaste, dental floss and sugarless gum. Floss after you eat, brush when you can get away to do so and use the sugarless gum after you eat and are unable to brush your teeth for a while.

Make dental friendly options

Even if you are going to someone else's house for holiday dinner, you can still bring healthy treats. If anything, the host will appreciate the fact that you chose to bring something to contribute to the dinner. You will know that you are going to have plenty of teeth friendly food choices you can eat without feeling guilty. You can bring things such as vegetable sticks and slices, fresh fruit cubes and sugar free baked goods.

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