3 Common Negative Misconceptions About Braces

Posted on: 20 July 2017


Braces are the most reliable way of changing the alignment of one's teeth, but that doesn't mean everyone thinks well of them. Several misconceptions are commonly repeated regarding braces that aren't true at all that could potentially scare someone away from wanting to get their teeth straightened. The good news is that although you may have heard the following three claims about braces, none of them are true.

Tooth Spots

One common warning people spread is that braces give you a straight smile, but leave awful white spots behind on your teeth once the braces are removed. This does happen to some people, but you'll be glad to know that if you get braces, you're far from doomed to suffer from white marks on your teeth.

These white marks are left behind when people with braces don't take adequate care of their teeth. The white marks are essentially portions of the teeth that have become decalcified due to an excess of plaque or tartar building up around the edges of the braces bracket. With adequate brushing, flossing, and regular dental check ups, you won't have any white marks left on your teeth when you're done with your orthodontic treatment.


Another common claim is that braces are painful when they're adjusted. If braces are adjusted too far too quickly, it can be uncomfortable for a short while for the patient. However, this discomfort generally wears off quickly as the patient adjusts to the new tightness of the braces and the teeth begin to shift into their new position.

Ultimately, you can avoid pain from braces just by asking your orthodontist to go slowly with the adjustments. This means your dentist will make smaller adjustments on a more frequent basis so your discomfort isn't as intense.


Lastly, many say that braces are too expensive and unaffordable. The good news is most dental insurance companies cover orthodontic work, and braces are becoming more affordable even without insurance.

With the advent of new ways of straightening teeth like invisible braces and lingual braces, many braces manufacturers have reduced their prices in an effort to remain competitive. This means the patient gets a discount in the cost, making it more affordable for everyone.

Getting braces can drastically change the appearance of your smile for the better. If you're interested in having a straighter smile, don't let these three false claims hold you back.