Here Are The 3 Main Reasons To Get A Dental Crown

Posted on: 27 June 2018


A dental crown is one of the least understood dental treatments, but it does have much to offer in a variety of dental problems. Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting a dental crown.

1. To Improve Your Teeth's Appearance

A dental crown is one of the cosmetic dentistry tools you can use to improve your teeth's appearance. This is possible because the crowning material covers the visible part of the teeth, the enamel, and with it all the defects. Here are some of the cosmetic benefits of dental crowning:

  • You can use it to cover up tooth stains, especially intrinsic stains that don't respond to conventional whitening
  • You can use it to build up chipped teeth so that they are of the same length as adjacent teeth
  • You can use dental crowns to customize your teeth to the desired shape

However, most dentists don't encourage dental crowning solely for cosmetic benefits because the changes don't last forever. Ideally, you should enjoy the cosmetic benefits as an added advantage if you need the crowns for other reasons. Talk to your dentist for alternative treatments if your main goal is to improve your smile.

2. To Strengthen Your Teeth

One of the best uses of a dental crown is to strengthen a weak tooth. A tooth that has been weakened by disease, acidic erosion, or physical damage may deteriorate and even fall off with time if it is not capped. A dental crown may also be used to strengthen a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment since root canal treatment weakens the teeth.

The actual strength of the crowned tooth largely depends on the dental crowning material used. For example, ceramic dental crowns are not as strong as metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Therefore, if your major objective for getting a dental crown is to strengthen your teeth, then you should listen to your dentist recommendation on the strongest option available.

3. To Modify Your Teeth's Shapes

Lastly, you can also use a dental crown to alter your tooth's shape. This is possible whether you were born with misshapen teeth or your teeth have experienced shape changes over the years. In this case, the crown is fashioned in the shape of a normal or idealized tooth and then used to cover up the misshapen tooth.

As you can see, dental crowning has numerous applications. Just make sure you follow your dentist's post-treatment instructions to preserve your crowns. Contact a company like Four Corners Dental Group for more information and assistance.