Your Crowning Glory: Why Crowns Are Better Than Veneers For That Perfect Smile

Posted on: 19 August 2018


Crowns and veneers; you struggle with the choice when you want to perfect your smile and correct some flaws in your teeth. Yet, crowns have a vast number of benefits over veneers. 

Crowns Cannot Break

Well, porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns cannot break. If you were going to spend as much money on veneers, that same money could be spent on porcelain crowns. It is nearly impossible to break a crown, but veneers, which are only affixed to the front surfaces of your teeth, can chip or become damaged simply by opening too many chip bags. Spend that money on crowns instead, and you will receive a much more permanent solution for your teeth.

Crowns Can Replace Missing Teeth In a Way

Crowns can do something veneers definitely cannot. Crowns can replace missing teeth. If you choose crowns to perfect your smile, a bridge is created that snaps on over two of the teeth you were going to crown anyway. The fake crown in the middle becomes the replacement tooth for the missing tooth. A veneer could never do that because a veneer needs a tooth surface to bond to, which is not present when a tooth is missing.

Crowns Remain the Same Glossy White Indefinitely

Veneers, even really good veneers, eventually discolor over time. Even more disappointing is the fact that they do not yellow evenly. You cannot bleach veneers, either. You simply have to replace them. Now, with crowns, crowns are all the same glossy white your dentist used to fashion all of the crowns. They stay white almost indefinitely, especially if you brush them. They always look healthy and make you look younger for it.

Crowns Hide Twisted Teeth

Sometimes, when you lose a tooth as a kid, the adult tooth that follows comes in rotated or twisted sideways, leaving small gaps on both sides of the affected tooth. When your dentist crowns this tooth, and others like it, those imperfections disappear. It is as if the tooth had erupted normally and has always been a perfect tooth. Veneers can hide twisted teeth too, but the problem that occurs with veneers is that the dentist has to create an optical illusion with the neighboring veneers so that none of the veneers look bigger or smaller than those on nearby teeth. All of the veneers have to help hide the twisted tooth with equal shape and size.

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