When A Sinus Infection Requires Dental Care

Posted on: 30 September 2019


Did you know that a sinus infection could be a sign of dental issues? While you may be more inclined to associate a sinus infection with a cold or allergies, your mouth may actually be to blame for your issues.

You can get dental care for a sinus infection if you have the following symptoms or show signs of having a problem. Use this guide to help you determine when you should receive dental care for a sinus infection rather than going another medical route.

When your sinuses continue to get inflamed after treatment

Are your sinuses still giving you problems even after you have done a round of antibiotics or received care for your symptoms? Do your symptoms seem to get better for a while, then return? You may not have allergies or a recurring nasal issue, but rather an infection in your gums or teeth that is actually causing your issue.

Ask your general doctor if they can refer you to a family dentist who can give you an oral examination as well as X rays to see what may be causing your sinus infection. If you have gum disease, an infected or abscessed tooth, or other dental issues, your sinuses can become inflamed and infected as a result as well. Since your sinuses are so closely linked to your teeth and gums, it makes sense that if you need dental care, your sinuses can be affected as well.

When your mouth hurts in addition to having a sinus infection

It's not always the case, but sometimes a painful mouth can be a sign that you have a dental issue that goes beyond the actual sinus infection. A sinus infection does have a side effect of making the jaw hurt on one or both sides, but this often limits itself to the upper jaw, and you'll notice pain in your cheeks or under your eye as well.

If you just have isolated jaw or tooth pain in addition to a sinus infection, have your dentist check the area out. Odds are, you may have a cavity or other problem that simply going through a round of antibiotics won't fix, and your dental woes will continue.

Your dentist can assist you with many of your dental woes if you have a sinus infection that just won't go away. In any case, you should see your dentist if you suspect any type of oral health issue, just to be on the safe side. For more information, contact a dental office like Wallington Dental.