2 Reasons Why You May Be A Candidate For Dental Veneer Placement

Posted on: 10 May 2021


If you have grown dissatisfied with your smile and find that you tend to resist showing off your teeth, you may be wondering if there is something that you can do to fix them. While you may have tried at-home remedies to brighten your teeth, you may have found the results less than positive.

Because of this, you may be looking into getting dental implants. However, another technique that could improve your smile without being invasive is the placement of veneers on the fronts of your teeth. Below are a couple of reasons why you may be a candidate for the application of these thin, porcelain films.

1.  Your Teeth's Surfaces Are Noticeably Dull and/or Uneven

One reason why you may want to consider having veneers placed on your teeth is that the surfaces have become noticeably dull and/or uneven. Years of drinking enamel-staining liquids such as coffee or grape juice can permanently mar your teeth, even if you consistently brush with a whitening toothpaste or use a kit at home every week.

Also, your teeth may have started to form ridges or even bulges that can collect food and liquid residues as well as make your smile appear misshapen. Veneers can help to cover the stains while smoothing out the surfaces, giving you a brighter, more even smile.

2.  Your Teeth Are in Good Condition Overall

Another reason why you may be a good candidate for veneers instead of getting dental implants is that your teeth are in good condition overall. Implants are typically reserved for people who have missing or decaying teeth and usually involve extensive dental work before they are implanted.

However, if your teeth are still intact, the surfaces themselves are the only parts that need to be worked on. The veneers are bonded to the fronts of the teeth to help repair your smile. Your dentist can help ascertain whether your teeth are in good enough condition to warrant their placement.

If you are unhappy with your dull, uneven smile and your teeth are in good shape, requiring minimal dental work, you may be able to have veneers placed on the fronts instead of having dental implants. Speak with a dentist in your area that offers dental veneers to schedule an appointment to have your teeth examined. They can assess your candidacy for them so that they can proceed with measuring, making, and fitting the veneers if you qualify.