How To Select Your Family Dentist

Posted on: 23 June 2021


There is always the option to walk into any dental practice near you and select one of the dentists as your go-to dentist. It's that easy, but when you're talking about a family doctor, you're looking for a medical practitioner who will attend to your loved ones for years or even decades. As such, you need a thorough selection process. Here are several factors to consider. 

Flexible Payment Plans

You're not guaranteed you'll have funds every time you or your family needs dental care. Therefore, check if the dental practice accepts dental insurance. Also, ask if they agree to flexible payment plans. The latter makes it easier for you to afford high-quality and expensive dental procedures. 

Online Reviews

Don't forget to check reviews on Google or sites such as Yelp. While at it, don't focus heavily on the rating; instead, look at what the reviewers say about the quality of work, costs, cleanliness, etc. 

Also, check if the dental practice attempts to reconcile any of the grievances raised in the reviews. Check their response rates and whether they're selective. Some businesses often respond only to the positive reviews and ignore the negative ones. 

The Dental Practice 

The easiest way to figure out if you will patronize a business is to visit it. This typically works best after you have narrowed down your search to two or three dental practices that you like. Visit the practices that are closer to your place of work or home. 

While there, interact with the staff and other patients who are in line waiting. This will help you collect first-hand information about the dentists, staff, and clinic. You can also ask about dental care costs and anything you'll need to know as you interact with the staff. 

Also, check if the offices and staff are sanitary. Ask about their dental equipment and whether they use the latest dental equipment or not. These are details online reviewers might forget to mention. 

Treatments Offered 

Since you expect the dentist to become your family dentist, ensure you ask about the services and dental treatments offered. Check if the dental practice offers comprehensive treatment under one roof. 

Ideally, you want all your dental procedures performed by one dental practice or dentist for uniformity. In addition, it's easier for your dentist to review your history to understand the severity of your dental problem. If there is an issue, you can consult the dentist and ask if they can help resolve it.