Are You Feeding Your Kid Foods That Are Damaging Their Teeth?

Posted on: 22 October 2021


As a parent, you are very concerned about how the foods that you give your child will affect their overall health. That's why it helps to know how you may be giving foods to your child that damage their teeth.

Pre-Packaged Foods

A general rule to keep in mind is that the foods you can't pick, grow, or make on your own are likely not good for your kid's teeth. Even when you are buying pre-packaged snacks, know that you can always make better choices on your own when you select each and every thing. 

A common problem you'll see is with the premade packs of crackers, cheese, and meat that are often thrown into a child's backpack when there is no time to make them lunch for school. You can make a healthier meal by providing your child with whole-grain crackers or wraps that do not have the fermentable carbs that are causing damage. Adding cheese can also neutralize carbs and improve their overall oral health. 


You may be surprised at how many added ingredients there are in chips that are going to cause damage to your child's teeth. Unfortunately, they act similarly to white bread by introducing all those fermentable carbs to your child's mouth. Even though baked chips are slightly better for your child's body than normal chips, they are still filled with all those carbs that are bad for their teeth. Vegetables and fruits can be a great snack alternative to help wipe dental plaque off their teeth. Carrots are a great option that kids tend to love as well.


Kids love juice boxes, but they coat their teeth with sugar and get in the places that are hard to brush. If your child regularly drinks juice, don't be surprised to see that they tend to get more cavities at their dental checkups. Of course, water is a much better alternative that is going to help their teeth stay healthy. If you have water from a municipal source, the water is also going to provide their mouth with fluoride that helps strengthen their teeth enamel. 

Sticky Foods

While you may be well aware that sticky candy is bad for your teeth, there are other sticky foods that you may not be thinking of. Dried fruit is a commonly eaten food that is going to leave a sticky residue of sugar on your child's teeth. Stick with the natural version of those fruits to avoid causing damage.

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