3 Essential Questions To Ask Your New General Dentist

Posted on: 1 September 2022


If you move to a new location or your dentist relocates, you must find another general dentist for your dental care. You will likely find options through trial and error, research, or recommendations. There are several questions that can guide you in deciding which general dentist to settle on. 

Most dentists may give related answers, but you may prefer one over others due to your specific oral health needs. So let these three questions guide you when settling for a new general dentist.

1. What Is Your Financial and Insurance Policy?

If you focus on payment, ask whether the general dentistry establishment accepts your insurance or provides easy payment options. Ask about the dentist's financial policy to understand what you would pay for procedures. You could check the monetary policies of your dentist online. Nonetheless, if you don't find any information online, ask because some dentists offer payment plans while others don't.

Confirm if your potential new general dentist is within your coverage if you have insurance. If they have experience with your plan, you can optimize and get the most out of your dental insurance plan.

2. What Are Your Areas of Specialties?

You are better off if you opt for a general dentistry provider that provides various services. First, ask if the dentist offers preventive services, such as examinations and regular cleanings. Then, if you want a dentist for your children, ask if the general dentist offers pediatric services.

Further, some dentists specialize in specific dental areas. Some areas include jaw and mouth health, orthodontics, cosmetic procedures, and periodontics. If a particular area of specialization is vital to you, ask whether the general dentist specializes in your specific interest area—getting a one-stop shop for all your dental needs.

3. What Is Your Take on Continuing Education?

Most people ask about dentists' credentials and education history, which is a great starting point. But, you should also ask how the dentist is currently doing about education. Often dentists are required to take courses to keep up with their licenses. Reputable general dentists seek continued education to offer you quality care.

If your potential dentist's office has different dentists, ask how each member stays updated on learning opportunities. Besides, new technology always comes in to provide advanced services. So, you'll need a general dentist familiar with the latest technology so you can get better experiences as time goes by.


Your dental health constantly evolves, so you may take time to know your new general dentist well. Don't be afraid to ask the above and any other questions. A reputable general dentistry provider won't feel offended by your questions and will answer each patiently.

Contact a local dentist, such as Dr. Jon Douglas Lesan, DDS, RpH, PA, to learn more.