Considering Dentures? Consider Permanent Dentures Instead

Posted on: 7 October 2022


Dentures have been around for a long time. They have undergone big improvements since their invention and are now more realistic looking and more comfortable. However, denture wearers everywhere understand how dentures may be lacking. Read on and find out more about a denture solution that will totally change the way you think about dentures.

Traditional Dentures 

This is the type of denture everyone is familiar with that must be removed at night for cleaning. Dentures are also known to reduce taste sensations because of the palate piece that rests against the upper and lower mouth. Dentures can also become loose and make annoying noises when speaking and eating.

Permanent Dentures

This type of denture, also known as an implant-supported denture, is not removable. They don't sit on the gums but instead are attached to several implanted teeth that are attached to the jawbone. They allow you to have the benefit of a full set of implanted teeth without the multiple surgeries and cost of having that many implants.

Bones Loss Woes

When a tooth is not present, the jawbone tends to sense that support is no longer needed for that missing tooth area of the jaw. The jawbone then begins to lose bone mass as time goes on. Eventually, missing teeth can cause the jawbone to sag down and give the face a sunken appearance. Implants remedy that by providing a post that substitutes the tooth root for the jawbone.

When most people get a full set of dentures, they must have teeth extracted. Dentures, however, provide no insurance against bone loss because they don't come into close enough contact with the gums. Implants and permanent dentures together can halt that bone loss and even regrow bone mass in some cases.

Easier Care

Eating in public with dentures can be difficult. Dentures can slip and cause embarrassment for the wearer. Permanent dentures, however, don't move around at all. They are held firmly in place with the implanted teeth anchoring them to the jawbone. Wearers of permanent dentures are also unhindered by a palate piece and can enjoy the taste of food.

When it comes to cleaning permanent dentures, wearers simply brush and floss them as they would regular teeth. Getting regular dental check-ups and cleanings are important to catch any issues before they worsen, however.

To learn more about permanent dentures supported by implants, speak to your dentist and get started today.