Instances Where Your Child May Need Emergency Dental Care

Posted on: 8 November 2022


Many parents will find that their children may be prone to experiencing dental emergencies during their lives. Unfortunately, parents may not always be prepared for a handful of the most common pediatric dental emergencies that may be likely to impact their child's teeth and gums.  

Broken Teeth

Major cracks, chips, or even broken teeth can be very common issues for children to experience. Often, these injuries can be the result of the child falling or suffering other accidents that could cause impact blows to their mouth. In addition to being a painful type of injury for your child to suffer, these issues can also expose the tooth to a much greater risk of developing infections. Taking the child for emergency dental care can be an important step for avoiding the worst of these complications. A dentist will be able to thoroughly sanitize the tooth and evaluate the repair options with you. In cases where the damaged tooth is an adolescent tooth, it may be best to simply seal it to prevent decay from forming until the adult teeth emerge. However, a dentist will be able to assist you with understanding the extent of the damage and the repair options that may be effective. 

Severe Gum Infection

Unfortunately, children may not always have the best oral hygiene practices. While a parent can attempt to instill good brushing, flossing, and rinsing practices, many children will struggle with being as diligent as they need to be with cleaning their teeth. This can lead to bacteria potentially causing serious gum infections. Once this type of infection gets started, it can rapidly progress and may even result in an abscess forming. By the time your child may start complaining of this problem and alert you to it, the gum infection could be significant. However, prompt treatment can help to stop this condition from continuing to worsen as well as neutralizing it so that the gum tissue can heal.

Intense Discomfort Or Pain Due To Developmental Issues

Your child's mouth will be constantly growing and developing. Unfortunately, there are developmental issues that may cause your child to experience discomfort or even pain as a result. While growing pains can be a somewhat normal experience for children, you may want to take them for a dental evaluation if they are complaining of pains with their teeth or jaw. This can be one of the first warning signs of an impacted tooth, and this may require professional treatment to address.

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