3 Ways To Feel Comfortable In Your New Dentures

Posted on: 29 March 2017


If you just got new dentures, it is natural to feel a little uncomfortable or self-conscious about your new dentures. Here are three things that you can do that will help you feel comfortable in your new dentures.

#1 Use Some Denture Adhesive

Don't wait to use denture adhesive. Have your dentist recommend some different types of denture adhesives when you get your dentures and try them out right away. Denture adhesives can help your dentures feel more secure against your gums, especially if you have dentures for your lower set of teeth.

Additionally, dentures can relieve some of the irritation and inflammation that can occur in your mouth as you adjust to wearing dentures. Don't wait to use denture adhesive; try it out right away to get the best fit and feel possible when wearing your dentures.

#2 Practice Speaking

Getting dentures can really change how your mouth feels, even if they are custom made for your mouth. If you feel a little self-conscious about how your speech sounds when you talk with other people, practice speaking.

Pick up your favorite book or a magazine, and read it out-loud. This is a great way to practice saying a wide-variety of words with your mouth in a private setting.

You can also try singing along to your favorite songs. It is a great way to exercise your mouth and practice different shapes with your mouth in a fun and risk-free setting.

The more you practice on your own, the more natural it will feel when you start talking to other people.

#3 Clean Your Dentures

Next, make sure that you clean your dentures. Getting dentures does not mean that you get to skimp on health care. Instead, you need to be extra vigilant with your dental care.

At the end of every day, you should take out your dentures and clean them using a soft toothbrush. Then, you need to clean your gums as well and massage them. Next, you should use a mouthwash that doesn't have alcohol to clean the rest of your mouth.

Do this every night, and in the morning clean your gums and mouth before you put in your dentures. You also need to get your mouth and gums cleaned twice a year just like you did when you had a mouth full of natural teeth.

You can increase your confidence in your new dentures by using adhesive to keep them in place and increase your comfort level, practicing speaking and keeping your teeth and mouth clean. Click here for more info.